Vision Panel

Hamburger Hochbahn

Cool design for a cool city

zweigrad’s subway vision not only reflects Hamburg’s digital tomorrow, but also guarantees a holistic travel experience. The front full of character and the dynamic usage concepts in the interior characterize our modern-futuristic design, which at the same time refers to the history of Hamburg’s subway full of tradition.

Smartly connected and accessible mobility services as well as improved usability and comfort help to deal with the increasing number of passengers in Hamburg’s public transport system.
Whether real-time information or infotainment via OLED displays integrated into the windows and the use of VR and AR technologies for a personal guidance system makes our subway vision fit for a digitized, connected world.

Everything starts with the passenger

Our concept meets the high demands on functionality and has various smart mobility aspects firmly in mind and transports it outwards. For example, the digital dots matrix acts as a key visual throughout the entire exterior and interior.

A light and open environment inside with indirect lighting and spots above the seats not only create a pleasant atmosphere, but also the necessary brightness for reading. Red floor lines serve as orientation, lead out of the entrance/exit areas and highlight special zones (e.g. wheelchair zone, bicycle parking areas).

And we think that the “seating pattern of horror” should be abolished. Our red seat covers with white, digital structures and silvery, reflective dots not only look chic, but are functional, robust and easy to clean.