We are zweigrad

We are industrial and interface designers, engineers and experts in strategic design leadership. We are united by the beauty of understanding: we have an all-embracing approach to perceiving a product, from the user’s perspective and the supplier’s perspective to its functionality as well as its design language. With cross-disciplinary creativity, we jointly forge innovative ideas, and with our structured processes, we swiftly reach authoritative results. Our goal: design solutions that are intuitive and inspiring; solutions that stand out in the market. We are committed to supporting and advising our clients along their path to true brand strength.

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Industrial Design

Deutsche Bahn’s IdeasTrainRegio

For the mobility transition to be become reality, the share of people travelling by public transport needs to be increased. That said, can you imagine a train environment that is more comfortable than your own car? Well, we can. So we developed our public transport ideas in the context of Deutsche Bahn’s IdeasTrainRegio programme.

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Holistic Design


For the production of extremely large-scale fibre composite structures, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) developed an autonomous, swarm-capable robot that can move freely – and zweigrad provided this innovation with a face.

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User Interface Design

Controller 500 Series VBL

The new Controller Series 500 is Nabertherm’s first touch-based operating interface for its industrial furnaces. For these connected devices, zweigrad developed a UI design system that allows for intuitive operation of the entire future product family.

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Industrial and user interface design: from analysis to prototyping

We create interfaces between people and machines, ranging from entire products and product lines to user interfaces and services. To do this, we rely on a comprehensive, complex process: from analysing the requirements and developing a creative design core to implementing a solution and testing prototypes in an agile manner. Thanks to our tried-and-tested methods, you can be sure to reach your desired project goal.

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Making our visions of the future visible

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