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An expanding team

News An expanding team An expanding team First we needed additional staff to accommodate new clients and projects. Then we needed additional space for such new team members and new tasks. We went looking, and we were lucky to find both: fantastic additions to our team and beautiful new rooms. We received exciting applications from... Weiterlesen »

zweigrad with new premises

News zweigrad with new premises zweigrad with new premises First and foremost, creative ideas and a thriving corporate culture need enough space to develop. With the expansion of our studio, we are providing our growing company with just that: an inspiring environment with new opportunities for optimised workflows as well as retreat spaces for team... Weiterlesen »

Present at the AIX

News Present at the AIX Finally, after two years of waiting, we were able to experience the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in real life again! Even before the opening, we were on site to put the finishing touches to the exhibition stands we had designed for our customers. This year's AIX provided us with many... Weiterlesen »

A sharpened profile

News A sharpened profile What makes us different? What makes zweigrad special? What do we do best? And how can we consolidate our strengths even further? How are we perceived, and how would we like to be perceived? These are just a few of the many questions we have been asking, and answering, lately. And... Weiterlesen »

Focus Open 2022 Gold

News Focus Open 2022 Gold A quantum leap in operation compared to the competition For the connected devices, we have developed a completely modular UI design system that can be used for the entire future product portfolio of all industrial furnace controls, including mobile devices and desktop applications. The new visual brand language not only... Weiterlesen »

Focus Open 2022 Special Mention

News Focus Open 2022 Special Mention Striking box with a consistent design With the GeniusPOWER In-Seat Converter and its extended range of tasks, KID-Systeme has taken the networked cabin environment into a new generation. The design communicates innovation, value and efficiency - the characteristics of the new "GeniusPOWER" brand. The clever choice of materials and... Weiterlesen »