zweigrad with new premises

zweigrad with new premises

First and foremost, creative ideas and a thriving corporate culture need enough space to develop. With the expansion of our studio, we are providing our growing company with just that: an inspiring environment with new opportunities for optimised workflows as well as retreat spaces for team meetings and exchange with business partners.

The new premises are part of a corporate development that was successfully initiated in recent months. For example, with the appointment of Claudia Friedrich to the management board, we have redefined our Interface Design division and realigned our corporate positioning within the business. We are ready for the future – as a strategic industrial design company with an interdisciplinary team that is shaped by a holistic approach to work.

We are excited to explore our new workshop, the materials library, the collaborative workspaces and recreational areas. You’ll soon find out how all of this is going to affect our corporate experience.

Stay tuned!