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The multicultural lavatory

The multicultural lavatory - a world-first innovation

Airlines fly around the world, so why do their lavatories still fail to accommodate different cultures’ toilet habits? Why? We don’t know that! But as design experts in aviation, we have taken up this challenge together with the plastics experts from Krüger Aviation.

After all, people from cultures in which squat toilets are common are often reluctant to use western-style toilets. And people used to western toilets will hardly appreciate finding shoe prints on the toilet seat. This is one aspect of the K2 Future Lavatory® that meets the unique needs of families, business travellers and passengers of different cultures and provides them with the best possible travel experience.

Relaxed travel for everyone

The flight in comfortable jogging pants has never been so easy…
and shortly before landing back into a wrinkle-free business outfit. With the various hanging and storage options, even on the padded toilet seat, the business look is quick and easy. The full-length mirror provides the traveler with a view of almost 360°.

Moreover, its K-Reflexion KRX070® mirror features a customizable digital display panel on the left-hand side that can be configured to the languages used on-board, or to display images for illiterate passengers. For example it shows safety instructions, flight data and other information.

The K2 Lavatory’s diagonally positioned toilet creates room for the
integrated, fold-down changing table and enables safe diaper changing on board. Quiet sound and soft lighting effects ensure a child-friendly atmosphere in which even the smallest passenger is happy.

Clean for sure

The innovative waterfall faucet with a sliding temperature control and integrated automatic soap dispenser sets new design standards. The entire washing area with the “K2 EasySwap®” washbasin is slightly inclined, which not only minimises splashing water but also prevents the formation of puddles.

The lavatory’s revolutionary features, including its maintenance-friendly design, easily replaceable components, capacity for customization, and cost-effective manufacturing methods (thermoforming), yield immediate and obvious cost savings for the airline.

For me, zweigrad stands for a modern company that is capable of handling any task in the field of “Creative Solutions”.

Nils Stoll, Managing Director Krüger Aviation