Vision Panel

A new take on heat pumps

The challenge: Boring metal boxes in German front yards

When you see a heat pump in front of a family home, you may be reminded of house facades in warm countries that are often cluttered with unattractive air conditioning units. Now that alternative heating methods are en vogue and the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies is underway, the zweigrad team asked itself: How can heat pumps become more attractive – both aesthetically and technically?

Our concept: a design statement with appealing features

We have chosen a solution that blends in well with the home environment and is cleverly designed to be easy to use and offer additional benefits. The high-quality, sculptural look blends in much better with modern architecture than conventional heat pumps, which is also helped by the additional lighting feature.
During development, we were inspired by technical products such as Dyson fans. The result is a columnar structure that allows for an elongated heat sink. The constriction causes the air to speed up – the so-called venturi effect – increasing the cooling capacity. Installing the technical components in the base also improves noise insulation and reduces temperature fluctuations.

Looking for exchange and cooperation

Will it all work the way we want it to? Our technical concept has not yet been validated. First and foremost, our new approach should inspire and serve as an impetus to jointly improve the heat pump, which is so important for the energy transition. We are open to collaboration and exchange with the industry. In short, we look forward to feedback and new ideas.