Vision Panel

Next level design

The challenge

At zweigrad, we are constantly embracing new technologies and tools. In recent months, we have explored Computational Design and 3D printing through a specific Vision Panel project and integrated them into our design process. The strategic goal: to expand our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and integrate them into our design process to give our customers a real design advantage in the market. To achieve this, we examined which industries and products could be relevant for Computational Design and 3D printing and decided to develop a desk lamp. We believe: Our result is impressive.

Our concept

Computational Design is a design method that uses a combination of algorithms and parameters to solve design problems and generate shapes. This allows us to create a variety of design options for complex geometries and structures and optimize them for 3D printing. Since we couldn’t initially print the lamp in one piece due to space constraints, we quickly modified our 3D printer ourselves. We are particularly proud of the resulting lightweight structure: We developed the lamp’s arm to be both flexible and stable, meeting the demands of daily use. Remarkable is also the integration of the power cables, which, enabled by 3D printing, are completely concealed.

Ready for new projects

We have learned a lot from this project: about creating our own tools, about mechanics and leverage forces, and about how to maintain design control when working with computer-generated shapes. Now we look forward to curious customers who want to explore the possibilities of computational design and 3D printing with us.