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Red Dot Award Winner

News Red Dot Award Winner A smart design process When developing Tensiio by KRÜSS, which was launched recently, we relied on an iterative approach with prototypes – and combined it with a structured process based on the concept matrix and in strategic alignment with the brand values. As a result, the design is now firmly... Weiterlesen »

An expanding team

News An expanding team An expanding team First we needed additional staff to accommodate new clients and projects. Then we needed additional space for such new team members and new tasks. We went looking, and we were lucky to find both: fantastic additions to our team and beautiful new rooms. We received exciting applications from... Weiterlesen »

zweigrad with new premises

News zweigrad with new premises zweigrad with new premises First and foremost, creative ideas and a thriving corporate culture need enough space to develop. With the expansion of our studio, we are providing our growing company with just that: an inspiring environment with new opportunities for optimised workflows as well as retreat spaces for team... Weiterlesen »

New additions to our team

News New additions to our team Lisa Wagner We are delighted to welcome Lisa Wagner and Henry Boy on board. As a trainee in the Interface Design unit, Lisa has been supporting the development of sustainable customer experiences since September 2021 with great curiosity and a willingness to learn. Henry Boy Henry Boy loves exploring... Weiterlesen »

zweigrad as a learning ecosystem

News zweigrad as a learning ecosystem Annika Weber Annika Weber studies industrial design and has been with zweigrad since March 2022 as part of a 6-month student internship. We are very happy to have her support our team. As well as acquiring industry expertise, Annika also has the opportunity to contribute her ideas and skills... Weiterlesen »