Red Dot Award Winner

A smart design process

When developing Tensiio by KRÜSS, which was launched recently, we relied on an iterative approach with prototypes – and combined it with a structured process based on the concept matrix and in strategic alignment with the brand values. As a result, the design is now firmly anchored in the corporate culture of KRÜSS.

A trusting collaboration

In the context of our close cooperation with KRÜSS, we created a joint team of experts, where different skills complement each other. This has led to a partnership of equals that facilitates joint decision-making processes in close alignment with the project goals.

The visual brand language

The clear, precise design of the Spinning Drop Tensiometer, shich was first applied to the Tensiio, embodies embodies the high-end measuring technology of KRÜSS and can be easily transferred to other instruments. By this, our iconic design sustainably strengthens the KRÜSS brand.

Unique design requires a strategic basis, which we build for each of our clients – individually and in close liaison with the client. And yet optimum results can only be achieved if design is an integral part of the developers’ corporate strategy.

So where do you integrate the topic of design in your company?