The training assistant from E+S Gesunde Lösungen

A truly encouraging coach


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E+S Gesunde Lösungen

The task

E+S developed YOLii, a digital assistant system for therapy and fitness that has the capacity to connect all devices that were not connected previously. But can a digital assistant really succeed in supporting those exercising according to their individual training plans? And can it motivate people just as well as a real coach?

The solution

In fact, the training assistant from E+S was ideally suited to our holistic approach to designing the housing and software UI. Because addressing the user’s emotional side can only succeed when the product offers a convincing, consistent user experience.

By adding gamification elements and innovative anatomical illustrations to the software, we managed to appeal to the users’ emotions and encourage them to keep going. Which goes to show that interactive, self-explanatory training instructions can be fun when presented in a neat and yet catchy interface design. The resilient housing with its high-end design fits into different training environments and further adds to this. With YOLii, physical exercise is turned into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Whenever we are totally satisfied, zweigrad would come along saying ‘Ah no, there’s still a tiny detail here and a tiny detail there’ – and then they would really get moving...

Steffen Eichstädt, E+S