The Spinning Drop Tensiometer from Krüss GmbH

Precise user guidance for a precision instrument


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Krüss GmbH

The task

As a leading manufacturer of high-precision laboratory and analytical instruments, Krüss develops and produces innovative quality control solutions. This includes e.g. the Spinning Drop Tensiometer (SDT) for measuring the interfacial tension of emulsions. A completely new instrument was to be developed from a test set-up comprising a number of individual components. This required not only the design of a complex operating procedure, but also a new design direction based on the brand values that would inform the look of any future devices.

The solution

Beauty is created when high-end technology comes in a coherent, valuable design and can be operated comfortably in every way. So our holistic expertise led us to the idea of creating simple and safe operations by combining rotary keys with a software interface. Plus, a housing with a straightforward layout that clearly differentiates through shape and colour between the technical sample chamber and the operating terminal for the measurement, whereby all interactive areas are clearly marked in colour.

Incidentally, the holistic, logical design with its coherent operating concept and its classy, modern look was awarded the Focus Open Silver prize. The new design served as the basis for a visual brand language that we’ve been able to transfer to other devices too in the context of studies.