The Tensiio by Krüss GmbH

With strategic brand design into the future of tensiometry


3D-CAD design
Concept development
Concept matrix
Design development
Design strategy development
Industrial design (ID)
User experience design (UX)


Krüss GmbH

The task

As a leading manufacturer of high-precision laboratory and analytical instruments, Krüss GmbH wants to create a platform for different applications and price segments with its new tensiometer generation. To achieve this, many individual components and additional modules are to be combined in a compact, well-structured device that is characterised by the best possible operating procedures and ergonomics. In addition, the design language and operating philosophy already developed by zweigrad for the Spinning Drop Tensiometer (SDT) is to be continued. The goal: to further strengthen the brand through timeless, minimalist, iconic design.

The solution

Even large amounts of functions and complex processes can be transformed into a reduced, well thought-out design through a clearly structured process. With our iterative design process, we solved the challenge step by step. Using a concept matrix, we systematically structured the unit design and then tested the solutions with mock-ups. In close cooperation with the client, with whom we discussed the implementation at an early stage, we were asked both to provide ideas and to advise on the feasibility of the product. In the design phase, we transferred the Visual Brand Language created at the SDT to the new product line. The Tensiio thus impressively embodies the consistent design language, operating philosophy and values of the brand.