The new NAH.SH passenger information system

Well informed from Hamburg to Travemünde


Branded interaction design
Briefing workshop
Documentation for the implementation
User experience design (UX)
Visual brand language



The task

Anyone travelling by train wants to be informed precisely and comprehensively: About the journey time, the next stops, lifts, parking spaces for bikes. How effectively information is received by users is always a question of usability. zweigrad took on this task after we won the tender from the Schleswig-Holstein public transport association in 2022. The aim was to design a new passenger information system. The challenge in designing the various features was to do equal justice to the brand image of the transport association and the needs of the passengers.

The solution

During development, zweigrad focussed not only on the passenger journey, but also on the NAH.SH brand image. We came as close as possible to this and performed a balancing act between the familiar standards of the industry and a new design language. For example, the symbol of a lift must be recognisable everywhere and at the same time express NAH.SH’s own style. The system designed by zweigrad informs travellers about journey times, platforms, connections, the next stops and stops where they need to be. The seating capacity of the individual carriages is also displayed to ensure even capacity utilisation. The result has also impressed competitor Deutsche Bahn. If you want to experience the new passenger information system, it is already being used successfully on the Hamburg-Lübeck route.