The digit Power® Dispenser from Dentsply Sirona

Easy on the eye and a pleasure in the hand


Concept development
Design development
Industrial design (ID)
Usability testing


Dentsply Sirona

The task

Dentsply Sirona, one of the world’s leading suppliers in the area of dental technology, also offers dispensers for intraoral applications. Using a predecessor model for the US market for orientation, the task was to enhance the dispenser’s design while also making it more ergonomical. The design language was to be understood throughout Europe and support global sales.

The solution

Alongside various mood boards and sketches to develop a design language, we created several foam models to test the ergonomics. In close collaboration with the stakeholders, we iterated our way to the solution, all of this with the help of countless drafts and models.

This resulted in a lightweight, pen-shaped design with a balanced weight distribution for low-fatigue work and safe handling of the patient. With its slim, ergonomic handle and easy-to-reach buttons, the digit Power® Dispenser sits smoothly in the hand and allows for optimised intraoral access. Thanks to the elegant, handy charging station, the dispenser can be put away and picked up effortlessly during treatment. The great approval of the device, especially among European dentists, as well as the 2019 German Design Award Special are witness to the quality of our work.