The surgical tray from Dentsply Friadent

A different kind of jewellery box


Analysis: Human centered
Design development
Industrial design (ID)
Innovation workshop
User journey


Dentsply Sirona

The task

Three tool systems for dental implants were to be combined in a single surgical tray. However, given the large number of tools and modules included, how would the new tray allow for a good overview and safe handling in any situation? And how do we ensure that the tray can be cleaned and autoclaved with ease? Plus, in terms of branding, how can the trays be designed to become figureheads for the overall corporate image?

The solution

An in-depth analysis of the entire user journey was crucial to our work. We started by hosting an ideation workshop with all stakeholders involved. Our claim was to develop innovations where others stop and to persevere when it comes to exploring the use of new materials.

The result: a modular tray that can be equipped as required and the contents of which can be identified at first glance thanks the colour coding that is also visible on the outside – providing an innovative user experience, with intuitive and safe user guidance both outside and inside the tray. The flat design of the tool holders allows for effortless handling and cleaning, and the sterile tool tray that is integrated into the lid provides for handy added value.

Another unique selling point is the dark colour we chose for the high-gloss tray. Reminiscent of a jewellery box, the attractive piece is very different from conventional trays, which tend to resemble DIY toolboxes. The chosen aesthetics not only fit seamlessly into high-end medical surgeries, but also into Dentsply Friadent’s, today Dentsply Sirona´s, modern corporate image.

We’ve noticed that our staff really identify with this product because it is highly innovative and unparalleled in the market – it stands out among any previous surgical cassettes by other companies.

Birgit Dillmann, Marketing Director, Dentsply Friadent