Hygiene Modul for the Deutsche Bahn’s IdeasTrain Regio

This is how more comfort and hygiene on the rail goes!

The task

Rethink hygiene on trains!

Only if people arrive safely, feel at ease and comfort is increased will train travel have real added value and the mobility transition can succeed. That said, can you imagine a train environment that is more comfortable than your own car? Well, we can. So we developed our public transport ideas in the context of Deutsche Bahn’s IdeasTrain Regio programme.

As a design partner of IdeasTrain, we created a new type of hygiene module. By providing a number of functional improvements as well as new solutions and technologies, we succeeded in creating an environment that people really feel comfortable in – for a user experience that sustainably strengthens Deutsche Bahn as a brand.


Industrial design (ID)
Innovation workshop
Usability testing
Virtual reality models


DB Regio AG / Evac GmbH


Krüger Aviation

The challenges

What could enhanced travel comfort look like in practice?

How can we develop an idea that is robust enough to be quickly ready for production?

How can we integrate multiple partners from different industries into one efficient process?

At zweigrad, design, functionality and market monitoring go hand in hand, resulting in innovative products with a strong brand statement.

Britta Schröder, Marketing Evac GmbH

The steps taken

1/ User Centered Analysis
Conducting research into use, competitors and markets and identifying relevant issues.

2/ Ideation
Creative workshops brought together all those involved, and participants developed potential approaches.

3/ Creation
From the best individual ideas, we developed a coherent overall concept, which was then evaluated using 1:1 prototypes. Based on this, alternative designs were developed in an agile, iterative process, tested by users and optimised throughout – up to the final model in 3D CAD.

4/ Realisation
In close collaboration with our team, the 3D CAD data were used to implement the module in Deutsche Bahn’s IdeasTrain prototype.

The solutions

The hygiene module: a WC area aligned with hotel standards

In cooperation with Evac GmbH, the global market leader for integrated sanitary systems, the DB Regio IdeasTrain-Team, as well as Krüger Aviation GmbH, a pioneer in plastics manufacturing, we redesigned the sanitary facility of trains from scratch.

Our design development was focused on ease of use and utmost hygiene for passengers. For example, an entirely new toilet layout with a separate urinal as well as a washbasin located in the aisle outside enables improved cleanliness and higher usage rates. The combined sit-and-squat toilet offers flexibility in use and can be used across cultures.

Touchless and digital: In alignment with the overall operating concept, all interactions can be carried out without getting in contact with surfaces – from opening and closing the doors and operating the WC to washing hands at the wash island. Integrated disinfectant dispensers further add to the facility’s enhanced hygiene standards. The digitalised toilet area allows for additional operating ease and safety by providing intuitive feedback and easy-to-understand explanations on the display integrated into the mirror.

All age groups are taken along: All-round grab bars provide safety for older passengers, the enlarged changing tray offers comfort for the smallest travelers, and the additional child seat also allows parents traveling alone to use the toilet without stress.

Materials, colors and design: Carefully selected and well-matched light materials such as wood, leather and high-quality woolen fabrics, as well as a warm lighting concept create a calm and open atmosphere, while also paying tribute to Deutsche Bahn’s commitment to sustainability. Flowing forms and concise details round off the timeless and high-quality design.

Presentation at Innotrans 2022



Ideation workshop with all stakeholders to generate ideas

1:1 Mock Up

Review of the concept (usability, ergonomics, function)


Colour&Style, selection of materials, surfaces and lighting


Presentation of the prototype at the Deutsche Bahn’s IdeasTrainRegio Event