The HSG City from Vossloh Rail Services GmbH

A real power package – safety included


Analysis: Human centered
Concept development
Industrial design (ID)


Vossloh Rail Services GmbH

The task

Moved by a traction vehicle at a speed of 60 km per hour, the HSG City grinds road and underground rails without disrupting railway operations. Hence the main focus was on ensuring safe handling.

The solution

As a first step, we looked into the usage environment and scenarios by observing, filming and interviewing users. This user-centred analysis led to an innovative operating concept, where the user performs his job safely within the protective contour of the machine. As the need arises, the vehicle will open like a protective drawer.

By adapting the design features of the vehicle’s “big brother”, the HSG-2 high-speed grinding train, we continued the brand-specific, powerful and dynamic design language of Vossloh Rail Services to include the HSG City, while detailing the visual brand language further.