The MyNabertherm app: optimised UI design for mobile devices

On the go and yet on familiar grounds


Interaction design
Interactive click dummies
Screen design
User interface design (UI)


Nabertherm GmbH

The task

Nabertherm developed a mobile app for its industrial furnaces, and our task was to transfer and extend the basis of a UI design language for embedded systems to mobile devices. The app doesn’t have any control functions, but serves the sole purpose of monitoring the ovens. Our aim was to design the customer and user experience for the mobile devices in a way that would allow for consistent operation.

The solution

We conducted a proof of concept and extended the visual brand language of the embedded systems to also include mobile devices. The defining design elements of the operating concept and the UI design for the oven controls were retained, but were optimised for mobile use while meeting the user’s expectations regarding mobile-friendly navigation. The high-end graphical elements and the coherent information layout guide the user efficiently and create a clear reference to the oven control.