The PS-550 chainsaw from Dolmar

A pro is showing teeth


Design development
Industrial design (ID)
Visual brand language


Makita Engineering Germany GmbH

The task

Makita Engineering offers powerful chainsaws for professional use. However, unlike their competitors’ products, the outer appearance is fairly non-descript. So the aim was to develop an independent, distinctive visual brand language, while complying with strict normative guidelines and involving the international stakeholders in the process.

The solution

In developing the design language, we took as much freedom as possible, creating a bunch of sketches along the way. We held workshops with the German and Japanese stakeholders and channelled the different perspectives into a joint solution. The result: striking chamfers and sporty lines are the core elements of the new, powerful, dynamic design language. The expressive design remains true to the chainsaw’s technical components and highlights the device’s professional features.

Design has a language of its own (...) And we were taught that language well.

Eik Stieler, Makita Engineering