A new generation of welding torches from DINSE GmbH

A redesigned classic


Concept development
Design development
Industrial design (ID)
Usability testing
Visual brand language



Die Aufgabe

DINSE is a renowned manufacturer of welding tools aimed at professional users. The company’s original torch has been established on the market for decades and is valued for its performance. As the tool’s appearance is distinctive but no longer up to date, zweigrad was commissioned to develop a new generation of torches. The aim was to add a modern twist to the traditional product while at the same time optimising ergonomics.

Die Lösung

Adding formal elements and reinterpreting the dynamic lines that express the performance of DINSE technology, the zweigrad team stayed true to the classic DINSE identity. The design of the new generation of torches renders the idea of precision, robustness and reliability. New features, such as LED lighting and interchangeable buttons, have been integrated organically and with a view to an optimal ergonomic experience. The two-component injection moulding ensures a clearly marked, soft grip area. The solution, which was developed in an iterative process using various foam models and 3D prints, demonstrates zweigrad’s understanding of the brand: DINSE’s history and brand values are thus presented in a modern visual language.