The KID-Systeme GmbH trade fair presentation

A brand-building invitation to the new product world


Concept development
Conception and design of interactive animations
Design development
Design of individual products
Development of demonstrators
Holistic design
Implementation support
Logo design
Strategy workshop


KID-Systeme GmbH

The task

KID-Systeme has been supplying the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers for more than two decades and has left its mark on the modern aircraft cabin. With the launch of their new innovative GENIUS product series, the company wants to shine at the trade fair with a coherent, consistent brand image. The GENIUS product world is smart, connected and has a concise, recognizable design. With these attributes and the mission statement “Shaping Flight Experience”, the aim is to create a modern and inviting trade fair stand that highlights the products and services in the best possible way.

The solution

Designed by zweigrad, the trade fair stand invites new customers to interact with its elegantly staged products shown in the exterior. For invited guests, a journey into the future begins inside. The light strips in the sky literally draw the guests into the new product world. The bundle of light strips splits into three product groups, which – all visible – are perceived as a connected system. Large-format, interactive animations explain the services and product strategies and show example applications. “Touchable” products help create trust and arouse emotions. The hardware demonstrators inspire and engage their guests in lively conversations, which can also be continued in the isolated conference room. Naturally there is also a bar where refreshments are provided!